INFINITE successfully completes Japanese concert tour, “Leaping Over”

Late last month, INFINITE greeted their Japanese fans with their first solo concert, “Leaping Over“!

Kicking off at ZEPP Osaka on September 21st, the concert traveled to the Yokohama Blitz for the 23rd and 24th; reportedly, the boys performed for over 10,000 fans.

The two-hour long concert saw INFINITE show off their trademark choreography and powerful stages. Amazingly, fans followed along to every song, even though some of them weren’t ever released in Japan. By the end, some fans were left in tears over the passionate concert.

Footage of the scene will be broadcast through TBS on October 29th.  Ahead of its broadcast, however, TBS will be airing special coverage of INFINITE’s Korean activities on the 24th.

INFINITE is currently preparing for the release of their first Japanese single, “Before the Dawn“, on November 19th.

Source + Photos: Donga via Naver

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