[Interview] October 2011 Issue of Junior Magazine



The moment you and I meet and we become us! A very special meeting with Infinite and Inspirits started.

DW: Thank you for coming here even though it’s raining. We’ll work hard to show a better side of ourselves. Thank you.

HY: Because all of our parents are coming today, I hope that our stages would be much more amazing.

SY: Let’s all enjoy it together. Fighting!

SJ: It’s been over a year since our debut and during that time, we earned a lot of experiences, became more mature, and were able to improve. This is really a happy day in many ways!

SG: It’s our first time opening a fanclub inauguration ceremony. We should have done it earlier, but we ended up doing it now. I’m really happy and nervous. I hope they like it a lot.

L: To show a perfect side of ourselves, we stayed up for 3 days and practiced hard. I hope you enjoy it and love us~

WH: I hope that our fans become one family with us through today’s performance.


August 17th. Infinite held their first fanclub inauguration ceremony at Children’s Park Dome Art Hall. We were able to meet with Infinite, who were in the middle of rehearsing, before the performance started. They were in the middle of their rehearsal stage, drenched in sweat. They said their movements weren’t matching with each other and continuously repeated each move. Watching them prepare each stage meticulously, the feeling was quite strange. Because I’ve watched over the improved Infinite straight since before their debut, I knew there was a lot of effort and passion hidden behind each amazing stage. However, since this meeting was for the people, who always trust and back up Infinite, becoming a new family, the feeling was new. Infinite, who I met after they made some time, brightly greeted me and talked about their feelings on the inauguration ceremony.



‘Ah ah ah. Mic test! Hello. Inspirits, do you hear me well? We welcome all the people who came to the official fanclub inauguration for trend idols, Infinite~ The performances for today plan to be very enjoyable. Even if you get mouth wrinkles after the performances, please smile as much as you want~’


Infinite started off with a stage that showed their unique cheeriness, giving their fans small smiles. A frame, filled with sides of them since their debut, passes by like a panorama. In this, there was a photoshoot scene from the first time Junior met and interviewed them.


At the beginning of their debut, the playful boys seemed a bit naive and young, but after time and experiences piled up, images of them slowly growing into mature and free men were passing by quickly in the frame. Then together with a grand sound, we were able to meet the current Infinite. They, who used their debut song ‘Come Back Again’ as their opening, gave a bold damage with their fresh rockertronic sound. Continuing on, they showed their masculine charms through the ‘BTD’ stage. Their ‘scorpion dance’, which is the finish of perfect choreography, was still the same. Even though they were less than 10 minutes into it, they showed a surprising grasp on their performances.




We’re the well-going trend-dols, Infinite! 


Infinite properly greets their fans with an idol-like comment. Sexy charisma Sunggyu, who is in charge of disciplining. Dongwoo, who is in charge of charming eyebrows and sexy lips. L, who is in charge of presence and straight face on stage. The new sexy icon, Hoya. (Ups the mood with “I say Ho, you say Ya! Ho! Ya! Ho! Ya!”) Chocolate factory, Woohyun. (He said it wasn’t working hours to the fans who were yelling at him to show his abs, but slightly showed it in the end.) The youngest Sungjong, who is in charge of cute acts but came back as a man. And with Sungyeol, who is in charge of abs, stomach fat, and height, they ended their noisy greeting. The heated yells of 5,000 fans greeted Infinite. Sunggyu was touched by fully packed fans and said, “Truthfully, I was worried that many people wouldn’t come today,” and showed his thankful heart, “Thank you for being together on such an important day.” Woohyun, whose fever was reaching 40C due to a severe cold, caused people to worry once he revealed the truth. To this, Woohyun touched the fans by saying, “I’m alright. Hearing everyone’s cheers and support make me happy even if I’m sick. I love you.” Dongwoo, who was especially sweating a lot because he was going crazy from being nervous, said that the tattoo on his arm that he worked really hard on had already gotten erased, causing fans to laugh. The excited youngest, Sungjong, officially started the event by saying, “Today’s feeling is really fantastic!!”


There was a time when I secretly practiced so I could beat Woohyun’s fanservice: 4 members agree.

SY: Woohyun hyung writes things like that down in a notebook. So I secretly looked at it and practiced. Throwing hearts and bunny aegyo.

(When we asked Woohyun to show the original fanservice, he made a heart for step 1, bunny aegyo for step 2, and the recently created heart throwing and kicking it with his foot for step 3. The fans fainted from liking it so much~)

SG: No, but I’m really curious. Do you like those things?

There are times when I get embarrassed because Woohyun is too conscious about others: All members agree.

There are times that he wears sunglasses when we’re just riding the car from our house.

WH: It’s because my eyes hurt.

Besides that, there are times when we’re passing by with the car windows opened and there are female students. He says to close the window because they’ll recognize us. Puahahaha.

WH: I’m raising Infinite’s overall image. That’s why I pay attention to it more.

SG: There’s another one. I heard Woohyun talking to Sungyeol, but he was lecturing him on how he’s bad at picking out clothes. Saying that he needs to match clothes well if he’s a celebrity. He said that if you want to wear clothes well, you need to wear clothes that don’t match yourself. So that’s why he keeps wearing clothes that don’t match him~ is what I thought.

Woohyun, who was suddenly taken aback~ Yelled ‘I love you, Inspirits~’ and quickly went behind the silhouette curtain.


There have been times where I slightly rebelled because I didn’t like leader Sunggyu’s ways: All members agree.

Telling us to listen to him because he’s the oldest! So there was a time when I stopped the laundry while it was on. I just don’t like everything. Bad person! There have been about five people who got hit! (Although Sunggyu says it’s a love hit, the members start pitching in, thinking that now is the time.)

L: I was eating food and it was kimchi stew. He hit me on the neck because I ate first.

SG: Seems like it’s time for the kids to get lectured at again. Just wait till tonight!

The cool Sunggyu, he’s secretly the timid, triple A-type?: All members agree.

HY: When looking at other teams debuting first while he was a trainee, Sunggyu hyung would belittle himself by saying, “That group is taller than us and have better looks…”. You’re supposed to give us more strength if you’re the leader. At that time, I thought that this person really has no leadership~

SJ: To the question of which member I disliked the most, I said Sunggyu hyung and I think he was really upset because of that.

SG: It really stayed in my mind a lot. He answered like that from question by our CEO and not to make a show funny. I lived with our CEO and Sungjong before and gave him a lot of advice and told him to work hard to become as great of a person as hyung. But maybe he heard it as nagging. My mind right now just really wants to go inside (behind the curtain.)

Just like Sunggyu hoped, the talk is finished! Sunggyu went inside the silhouette talk curtain after stretching and we could continuously hear the members’ screaming.



Sungjong dominated the audience by entering with his specialty of kkap dancing!


There are times when I’m scared of the youngest: 5 members agree.


SG: His eyes become scary when he dances to girl group songs. There’s this madness he has.


SY: When he talks in his sleep about weird things while sleeping next to me.


WH: When I do cute acts, he curses at me saying, ‘Go away! That’s cheap aegyo!’.


Sungjong has more interest in girl group choreography than Infinite’s choreography: All members agree.


HY: He secretly monitors music broadcasts and practices by himself in the bathroom.


SJ: Our CEO told me to stop dancing to girl groups. CEO! Although I’m a bit excessive with it!!!!! I don’t think I can stop dancing to it.  I’ll cut back on it~ Please let me continue dancing to girl groups~~!!




Sungyeol, who kept asking when his turn was coming up! Secretly, the members and fans were preparing for Sungyeol’s surprise birthday party. Being excited that it was his turn, Sungyeol came out and was confused by the birthday cake. All the members came out together behind the silhouette curtain and the happy birthday song started playing. Sungyeol teared up and said, “I didn’t even think of this, but thank you so much. It will be a birthday that I won’t be able to forget. My parents are here today and I was embarrassed to say it usually, but I want to tell them that I love them.” His dream is to go to the top together with Inspirits! But being happy was only for a bit because they started to expose things about Sungyeol.


Sungyeol thinks that his acting is the best in the team: 5 members agree.


WH: I went to the same audition as L and Sungyeol and Sungyeol was lecturing me, “This is why Hyung can’t pronounce it properly and hold expressions properly~”
but in the end, he was the one who did the worst.


In the end, the members held an acting test and Infinite’s theater, which was filled with various personalities, ended with 1 episode~




We asked if he liked outside better or inside and he said he liked the outside better because he’s able to see everyone faces. The members pointed out that he’s the real player~ And admired him.


The strong image, Hoya, is a cool guy that overflows with charisma: All members disagree.


SG: The thing Hoya says the most is in saturi, “Can ↗ I eat ↘ this?” and “Hyung!↗ Is ↘ my ↗ saturi severe? ↘ ”


WH: He has a delicate side and he has too much consciousness of others to say that he overflows with charisma. Even if anyone can tell that his eyes are swollen just by looking at them, he keeps asking if his eyes are swollen.


I know the deadly aegyo or weakness of Hoya, who has only shown a perfect side: All members agree.


SG: He personally says that he’s Hobaby. Hoya baby. Just where is a baby as big as him.


Let’s check Hoya’s deadly aegyo at this time! Although he was able to make bunny ears with his fingers, he couldn’t put in the ‘Hoong~Hing~” part and failed. To Hoya, who had red ears and said he really couldn’t do this, the members gave hm advice. “Possess yourself as Woohyun.” Woohyun showed an example and Hoya finally succeeded in transforming into a cute Hoya bunny.


L has a large amount of self-pride in his own looks: All members agree.

SG: This was something that happened before Myungsoo became L. Myungsoo rode the bus when some girls gave him chocolate milk. He said he was tired because girls kept giving him stuff no matter where he went and they kept following him to school. And there are times when he looks at a picture of himself and admires it, saying, “I look really good~”. I’m jealous, you!

L: I never did that!

Myungsoo is filming a drama in Japan. We didn’t even ask him but he tells us he needs to save up his words; that it’s okay if he doesn’t talk because he looks good. And a couple days ago, we were monitoring a pre-recording for a music broadcast and said, ‘Ah, my face needs to be captured for our popularity to rise~’ because his face didn’t get captured during his part.

We asked L, who was quickly explaining that it wasn’t true, what rank he truthfully thinks he is in the team. When he said 7th, even the fans jeered and L ended up giving up and saying, “Fine! I’m first.”

There have been female celebrities who have expressed their interest in L: One member agreed.

SY: Honestly, we’re not sure about this. But because L is good-looking, he says that females look at him no matter where he goes. He says things like ‘Did you see how she made eye contact with me?’, but when I see it, I honestly don’t think it’s true.

In the end, the good-looking L is only left with his scarred dignity.


The cheerful and innocent side of Dongwoo that the fans know is all just a concept: All members agreed.

HY: Although Dongwoo laughs like a fool, it’s actually all calculated out.

SG: If there’s an interview the next day, he writes out a script by himself that night before going. He’s closely planning on how he could look more innocent and 4D. Awhile back we had schedules but Woohyun and Dongwoo came out late. Woohyun got in trouble by our manager hyung for coming out late and Dongwoo made the excuse that he came out late while waiting for Woohyun, so he ended up not getting in trouble. My heart hurt while looking at Woohyun.

DW: I don’t make up lies. The members probably know, but I never said I was innocent.

Although Dongwoo is always cheerful, I’ve seen him cry before: 4 members agreed.

WH: We recently went out for dinner but he started crying that we didn’t get side dishes (usually served with alcoholic beverages). That’s a joke. Actually, we received a test during our trainee days and besides Hoya and Sunggyu hyung, everyone failed it. Dongwoo said his skills and confidence were lacking and started crying, saying that he didn’t have the right to see the members. And that day was Dongwoo’s birthday too. (All the fans made sad noises but the members made fun of Dongwoo, saying if he cries now, it’s all planned out.)

DW: That was something that happened 2 years ago. I was going the same way as Woohyun and L so I rode the subway with them. When L got off, he passed a lemon candy to me. Woohyun told me, “Hey. Life is like that!” (The members laughed by saying ‘even though he failed it too~’!) I really can’t forget that memory. It’s a sad story.


Because: Sunggyu’s solo stage. A standing microphone is just placed there on top of the stage. Sunggyu walks out and a dreamy percussion sound starts playing, filling up the empty stage with its vibrations. Although there weren’t special techniques, you could automatically hear the richness of Sunggyu’s vocals through this solo stage.

Crying: Dongwoo & Hoya’s stage. A touching melody starts playing and Hoya and Dongwoo, who are sitting on chairs, quietly rap, harmonizing by passing each other parts. The rap lyrics they wrote themselves follow the soft melody. In the last interview, they explained it as a song that they were able to do what they wanted musically in it. With their confidence, the two overlap and make you listen to it more seriously. It was the moment where their capability and appearance of a rapper showed.


Bangkok City: L & Sungyeol & Sungjong’s stage. The three males who transformed into funky club boys, showed a lethal(?) charm with their fierce girl group dancing. Sungyeol and L, who showed an embarrassed side at first, seemed to have gained confidence through Sungjong’s provocative dancing or they just gave up and decided to join~~ Fitting the fierce funky beat, they perfectly danced to it, starting with a hip wave to a body sliding dance. The Bangkok City boys’ freshness brought out heated cheers from the fans.

Time: Woohyun’s solo stage. The ballad song, ‘Time’, expresses Woohyun’s deep sensitivity and instantly quieted down the energy from ‘Bangkok City’. Woohyun’s unique clear and emotional voice followed the flow of the song, bringing out sorrow.

WH: I feel like we became one family through this fanmeeting. I hope you keep this amazing memory forever.

HY: You had a lot of fun, right? You guys and we became one so we cannot be separated even if you want to!

SJ: I think I’m going to cry. Thank you so much and I love you!

SG: I was really nervous and happy, thanks to you guys. Because you guys are here, we get more strength and can show you a better stage.

DW: We’ll work harder, so let’s stay together forever~~~.

SY: Although the ‘Bangkok City’ stage was embarrassing, was it fun? It was fun for me too. We’ll receive everyone’s infinite love and continue to improve.

L: Please love us a lot in the future!


The intense synth pop, dance song, ‘Be Mine’, has a nasally sound mixed into the hook, causing it to be strangely addictive. Infinite, who showed a much more improved stage, continued with a mixed version of ‘She’s Back’ and ‘Nothing’s Over’. Because they’re songs where Infinite’s unique cheerful and healthy sound stand out, they move their arms freshly with a cheerful step, and happily wave their hands, showing off their fresh and crisp charms with the ‘hello dance’.

The members gave their last greeting to the fans and proposed all the things they couldn’t through ‘Voice of My Heart’. In this touching melody, their shy proposals were put in and their harmonization seemed to pass on their truthful hearts more than ever. Infinite picked ‘Amazing’ as their ending song. It was a suiting song to end with at that moment. Everything was awkward and strange to ‘you’ and ‘I’ at first. As we’ve shared time and memories with each other, we definitely became ‘us’, so this couldn’t not be an amazing thing. Infinite & Inspirits! I’m definite that the existence of each other will be the sturdy support in their future.

Source + Cr: Murisu; hyejin@infiniteupdates (trans)


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