INFINITE to start promotions for their Japanese debut single in November, ‘Let’s meet at Shibuya Tower Records~’

Male group, Infinite, is officially starting their Japanese promotions in November.

Infinite will be releasing their first Japanese single album, ‘BTD’ on November 19th. After releasing their album, they plan to host various events for their Japanese fans such as a high five event.

A representative from Infinite’s company talked with E News through a phone call on the 10th and said,“They will finish up Korean promotions around the middle of October and will officially start promotions in Japan starting in November.” Adding on, “They will have a mini live concert and a high five event on November 28th at Lazona Kawasaki.”

Continuing on, they explained, “The interest towards Infinite from Japanese fans are high. The tickets for the event of commemorating the release of the album sold out in just a few hours.” 

Meanwhile, Infinite received the Mutizen song on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ on the 9th with their repackage album’s song, ‘Paradise’.

Source+Cr: e news 24; infiniteupdates

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